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Now more than ever… event production companies, AV staffing companies, and local unions need more trained personnel to fill their rosters; and individual techs need more qualified training to support these companies and advance their career in the industry. We have developed a unique line of programs that combine online education with hands-on learning to give techs the training they are looking for, and companies the multi-skilled personnel they need.

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All of your AV training needs met by a single company. Yes, you read that right! We provide the expert training programs that set the industry standard of excellence, while cultivating the skills to inspire confidence and competency of course participants. Learn more to set up a class.

Our Vision

Our educational and hands-on training programs are designed to provide a pipeline of well-rounded, multi-skilled individuals to support the live event production industry.


What Attendees are Saying
"Right after we learned through classroom lecture, we immediately started with hands-on training. I really enjoyed that teaching approach."
"The workshop was very professionally taught. Learning the breakdown, identification, definition and application of each component was very helpful. Then we got to apply that in the hands-on training to reinforce what we learned in the lecture."

A Sample of What We’re Teaching

Let our professional, dedicated educators and industry experts at Capital Stage Techs deliver the exact training and skills you are looking for.
All programs include instruction in the following areas:

With every program, we teach you the skills every employer wants, that no one tells you about. We call them “soft skills.” These include proper dress code, timeliness, professionalism, and client communication just to name a few.

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