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Capital Stage Techs provides educational programs that set the standard of excellence for the live events industry by motivating course participants to cultivate the skills and confidence necessary to foster competency, efficiency, and safety in the industry. 

CST believes that safety, customer service, adaptability, accountability, positivity and communication are key elements to a successful event industry career. While our programs are heavily focused on developing technical skills, that is only one part of what makes up a true event technology professional. Personal values like job etiquette and good hygienic practices are also at the forefront of what we believe makes a valuable, well-rounded, and in-demand employee.

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How We Help

Event Companies
Most event production companies struggle to find and keep a qualified roster of individuals with multiple skill sets. And once busy season hits, AV staffing companies run into the same problem – they need more qualified techs to support the growing needs of the live event industry.

Think about it this way…you hire the right personnel, and we make them more valuable by providing training programs based on your needs while using your equipment.

Individual Techs
On the job training only goes so far…and takes too long. Get the skills you need to advance your career with our training programs conducted by leading AV industry experts with 20+ years experience.

And…with exponentially rising costs of college / university degree programs, you may be searching for an alternative higher education leading towards a more immediate, well-paying career path. Why not the live event production industry?

It’s a Win/Win
Event production companies get a bigger labor pool of skilled talent, and techs get more show calls at higher paying rates.

What Others Are Saying
As a recording engineer specializing in classical and opera recording, I have an opportunity to work with extraordinarily talented and bright young interns. The question always arises, what’s next? How do they make a living? A program like Capital Stage Techs is exactly what they need to enhance their skills and build on their existing knowledge and experience in order work consistently in the entertainment production industry.

Michael Schweppe
Recording Engineer
Michael Schweppe Recording, LLC

There are a lot of schools and programs out there that teach recording and audio techniques, but as I quickly found out, there is so much more to learn to work consistently in live production. I would have definitely benefited from knowing more about lighting, staging and video to get my career going. I’m really happy that Capital Stage Techs is doing just that.

Ryan Troublefield
Audio Engineer, Stage Hand
I.A.T.S.E Local 22

Since I wear multiple hats on any given day, I rely heavily on good staff and freelancers (which are sometimes hard to come by) to fill production needs. When I’m on the road touring, putting the right folks in the right places is crucial to keeping all of my other venues rolling. That’s why I’m excited that Capital Stage Techs is here to give me more production personnel who can become part of my team.

Dean West
Touring Concert Sound Engineer
Owner and Manager, GDIC Sound and Lighting
Production Manager

The company I work for does hundreds of various size events, each year. Good quality technicians help drive our company to meet our client’s expectations. Without good labor, we are nothing.

David Meckler
Operations Manager
Production Management One

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