Stephanie Ottavan

Stephanie Ottavan is Founder and President of Door No. 3 Design, Inc. Since 2005, Stephanie has grown DN3 Design into an award winning graphic design agency with four employees. Aside from leaping tall buildings in a single bound, Stephanie has become one of the premier Graphics Ops in the country.

As President of DN3 Design, Stephanie handles the day-to-day company operations including marketing, client and account management, and new business. All while running a successful company, she still finds time to roll up her sleeves and dive into design projects – especially the presentation projects. “The presentations are my favorite. I love helping a client turn their bullet points into a visual story.”

Stephanie has worked with numerous clients developing, designing and executing their presentations. “I know the presentation world inside out and upside down – from the audience perspective, the presenter perspective, and the production perspective.” She has developed and designed PowerPoint decks for motivational speakers, industry leaders, and large corporations such as Under Armour and Sony.

When she is not running the company and designing PPT presentations for clients, Stephanie is traveling the world – no kidding, she just got back from Italy – gigging as a Graphics Op in General Sessions for production companies like Freeman, KATAPULT Events, and On Services.

Stephanie has been in the Production industry for 20 years. Her PPT career started at an advertising agency in New York. There, she worked as a Presentation Specialist building new business decks and working on site for clients like RJ Reynolds, all while taking graphic design courses at The School for Visual Arts at night. Always in search of new opportunities, Stephanie was recruited by a large NY PR firm to be their resident Presentation Designer.

Upon leaving NY, she dove head first into the AV Production industry landing gigs for local companies working in Breakouts and Speaker Ready Rooms until she graduated to the big leagues. Currently, Stephanie is hired mainly for large General Sessions and Plenaries where multiple responsibilities are required including: designing and editing PPT and Keynote slides (sometimes on the fly); running multiple content computers; working with presenters on their stage delivery; and collaborating with the video tech to ensure every graphic looks great from the audience perspective – all handled with grace, confidence and a little bit of humor.
Stephanie is Microsoft PowerPoint certified, and taught graphic and web design courses from a real world business perspective for Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Washington, DC from 2011-2012. Students not only learned how to create successful designs, but to also look at projects from the client perspective. Her design classes were so popular, they asked her to add a weekend PPT seminar to the curriculum.

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