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All of our programs are taught by industry experts with 20+ years experience.

Our programs are a unique combination of classroom lecture, hands-on learning, and in the field training. We are creating opportunities for students who attend our workshops and classes to not only learn, but demonstrate their work ethic, personality, and skills to the professionals who do the hiring. Every class is a chance for students to meet and network with the hiring decision makers.

The Buzz
As a recording engineer specializing in classical and opera recording, I have an opportunity to work with extraordinarily talented and bright young interns. The question always arises, what’s next? How do they make a living? A program like Capital Stage Techs is exactly what they need to enhance their skills and build on their existing knowledge and experience in order work consistently in the entertainment production industry.

Michael Schweppe
Recording Engineer
Michael Schweppe Recording, LLC

There are a lot of schools and programs out there that teach recording and audio techniques, but as I quickly found out, there is so much more to learn to work consistently in live production. I would have definitely benefited from knowing more about lighting, staging and video to get my career going. I’m really happy that Capital Stage Techs is doing just that.

Ryan Troublefield
Audio Engineer, Stage Hand
I.A.T.S.E Local 22

Since I wear multiple hats on any given day, I rely heavily on good staff and freelancers (which are sometimes hard to come by) to fill production needs. When I’m on the road touring, putting the right folks in the right places is crucial to keeping all of my other venues rolling. That’s why I’m excited that Capital Stage Techs is here to give me more production personnel who can become part of my team.

Dean West
Touring Concert Sound Engineer
Owner and Manager, GDIC Sound and Lighting
Production Manager

The company I work for does hundreds of various size events, each year. Good quality technicians help drive our company to meet our client’s expectations. Without good labor, we are nothing.

David Meckler
Operations Manager
Production Management One

Programs for All Levels

We offer Introductory programs, Continuing Education for the working AV Professional, and Advanced for individuals to take their skills to a higher level. All of our programs instill the “soft skills” every employer wants, and no one in the industry tells you to have.

Are you a production company looking to boost the skillset of your personnel? Let us develop a training plan geared specifically to your needs…at your location…with your equipment.That means your team learns all the necessary skills on your actual gear.

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Introductory Level

Learn about the art and science of entertainment production

For individuals (18+) who are interested in learning about the entertainment production industry, and want to turn their passion into a profession.

There are a wide variety of event production careers available. Our programs are interactive and informative, presenting a broad range of information about the industry, potential career opportunities, and some of the skills utilized by industry professionals.

Interested in learning about careers in sound, video, lighting, and production? These programs will answer a lot of your questions and provide hands-on learning opportunities to get you out working in the industry.

Continuing Production Education (CPE)

Continuing Education for the working AV Professional

For working professionals in the industry who want to enhance technical skills, advance career goals, and increase earning potential.

Our Production Education programs provide in-depth learning opportunities on positions and skill sets that production company owners and hiring managers need most. These programs include a combination of classroom learning, hands on labs and on-site gig opportunities to enhance your production skills.

Think of this as your big audition! Some components of these classes are facilitated at event company locations, putting you directly in front of production staff, crew chiefs, and company owners who decide who’s on the call sheet for their next gig.

Advanced Production

Develop the skills needed by today’s production companies

For individuals looking to develop their skills on a higher level and be more in demand industry-wide.

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of both, the working industry professional AND event production companies. How? Through our programs, the industry professional will develop a higher-level skill set making them more in demand with event production companies. For the production company – we are developing a highly skilled talent pool to serve their labor needs.

Advanced programs are specific to equipment specifications, operations and utilization. For example Because Advanced Production Workshops are specifically requested by production company owners and hiring managers, they provide immediate career opportunities.

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